Tony Bailie

About the book…

Ecopunks tells the interweaving stories of ecowarrior Wolf Cliss, alternative archaeologist Kei Yushiro and Irish musician Lorcan O'Malley.

All three are troubled figures: Wolf, bitter at the stereotype he has become, is being blamed for a logger's death; Kei, on the brink of a shattering discovery that could change the history of mankind. has a trail of failed relationships behind her; and Lorcan is still struggling to cope with reality decades after he blew his mind on psychedelic drugs.

An intimate story about principle and belief, ecopunks is epic in its scope. From the deserts of the Sahara to the rainforests of Asia and South America and nuclear testing zones in the Pacific, the novel traces the dawning of a new consciousness.

Part adventure story. part psychological thriller and part New Age philosophy, ecopunks is an environmental parable for the 21st century.

Photo of the author, Tony Bailie

About the author…

Tony Bailie is a novelist, poet, and journalist. He has had two novels published by Lagan Press – ecopunks (2010) and The Lost Chord (2006).

His third novel A Verse to Murder is available as an ebook.

His short story The Druid’s Dance appeared in the award-winning Irish crime-fiction anthology Requiems for the Departed, published in June 2010 by Morrigan Books.

He has also written two collections of poems, Coill, (2005) and Tranquillity of Stone (2010) both published by Lapwing Publication.

He had three haiku included in Bamboo Dreams (2012), an anthology of Irish Haiku, alongside Seamus Heaney, Patrick Kavanagh and others.

Individual poems and short stories have been published in various journals and magazines including Verbal, Boyne Berries, Books Ireland, Crannog, and Revival.

Bailie works as a journalist with the Belfast-based daily The Irish News and has also written for The Guardian and The Irish Independent. He reviews for New York Journal of Books.

He plays guitar and occasionally sings with the band Samson Stone.

As a journalist Bailie has covered bombings, riots, politics and business stories in the North. He has also reported from the Middle East, Africa and South America and as a travel writer has written about journeys through the Balkans, treks in the Himalayas, seeking out obscure albums in West Africa and visiting a witches market in the Andes.

He lives in Co Down.

Many of his travel articles, reportage and information about his fiction and poetry can be found on his website