Out Come the Bastards

Sean Caffrey

About the book…

A loyalist paramilitary-the cold-blooded murderer of at least six people-is rotting in a cell of one of Ulster's H-Blocks. A man with a black conscience and a wicked humour who becomes one of the 'born again'. 

Through his daily regime of exercise, Bible reading and dirty jokes, he wears his dirty blanket with pride as he pens his awful life story. Is he a truly depraved man with a terrible history who really has met his God or is he an evil waster who is grabbing his chance for freedom?

Out Come the Bastards is a disturbing and challenging piece of theatre. It is also an important intervention in the public life of the north of Ireland.

Photo of the author, Sean Caffrey

About the author…

Sean Caffrey was born in Belfast, 1940. One of Northern Ireland’s most successful character actors he first appeared on screen in Patrick Galvin’s Boy in the Smoke (1965). In his film debut that same year – I Was Happy Here – he appeared with Sarah Miles and Cyril Cusack.

He was also working steadily in English Repertory theatre and on television: No Hiding Place, Z Cars, Coronation Street, Paul Temple, Doctor Who, Sutherland’s Law, The Professionals and Minder to name but a few. Following a short season with Bristol’s Old Vic, he returned to Northern Ireland where he made his mark in Glen Patterson’s short Monday Night Little Ireland, North  of England, Bill Morrison’s Drive On and a stage adaptation of Brian Moore’s The Feast of Lupercal

He became Artistic Director of the newly-formed North Face Theatre Company, writing plays for the company. In 2000, he appeared in Gary Mitchell’s West End production of Force of Change and appeared in a Lyric Theatre production of John Bull’s Other Island (2004).

Sean Caffrey died in 2013.