Red Earth - Padraic Fiacc

Sample text

a forewarning

My hands on your belly can tell
The child kick and wrench until

Better not born the blond eye
Blazed blind of man, the boy.

A devastating child squeals
In your womb woman from burning

In the blood sea bodes no
True good cry that

At great speed the king going
Strong and high the sea road

This gold albino will
Eat the spokes out of the wheel.


The grass is growing through
Our rooted in skull bone boat.
Your stormy north east
Sea wind washes clear
‘Never such light again’.

Leave me alone on this cliff
Between the earth and the sky
Filling my basket with
Eggs which cannot be.

The run of the roe we ran
Till out of breath be
-grudged us so by
Brute man, that
Put-to-death boy
Will not let the bee sleep:

The run of the child or donkey
In wind for wings.


At the hand harp, I, the son, saw
The dead rot loud in his hollow, that
(Rooted through bone) the mute mind gnaw,
Cracks at carrion heart
Slants like a dolmen down
The foot of the hacked hard hide.

A long deep clutter of rock-torn roots
Holding him still—standing up
Headless in a ditch. Here the foul

Bloated bile waters rise
Higher than the mountain is
Ever making a mound for the man

In the worm
In the seed
In the blood

In the bone
In the wound
In the child

In the ground.


Casual now
Sky is off


Thickening beech
Shadows air with
A light is
A Summer snow.

The stark
Naked cuckoo
Usen’t to be
This so

Straight forward
As the sea
-bright black

Bird is.


Bare the bone to hang
A dog-bitten rag over
The gouged-out eye-stare

Press the rib down on
The hole in the bone
In the blood
Mutilate, behead, dismember
Man the strange god, charge

Him head down
To a pool on stone
Run him through with iron, he

He the hero, he
The horror will
Stand up headless and
Fight on.