Breakfast with Sylvia

Kevin Kiely

About the book…

“There’s an intriguing mixture of themes and tones in Kevin Kiely’s new collection. The mythic mingles with the realistic, the spiritua touches the material world, the robust sexuality of many of the poems lies side by side with moments of delicate reticence. There’s an energetic awareness of, and participation in, the joy of being.” ~ Brendan Kennelly

“Kevin Kiely’s writing shows the world alive, in a bracing air, in a sharp light, where a subject is probed and rattled by an Atlantic energy. These poems are full of edgily real things, people and places caught in a sudden urgent perspective that shakes the reader with their nearness... Poems on erotic themes are incandescent and stormy with an intellectual bite to them. There is nothing glum or staid here and much that is invigorating to read.” ~ Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

“Lyrical, original, faithful to the moment and its joys but with an undertone of sometimes rueful experience – these are the poems of a man who has come through.” ~ Anthony Cronin

The poems of Breakfast with Sylvia are passionate, adventurous and daring. An astute observer of the subtle shift in emotional weather and a wry observer of the greater world outside, Kevin Kiely has shaped a collection which engages with the reader yet also reassures with a craftsman’s authority.

Photo of the author, Kevin Kiely

About the author…

Kevin Kiely was born in Co Down in 1953. He is a poet, novelist, playwright and literary critic. He has received academic degrees from Iowa University, Trinity College, Dublin, and a Fulbright Scholar-Professor Boise State University, Idaho.

As a poet he has published Plainchant for a Sundering (2001) and Breakfast for Sylvia (2005). Winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Fellowship 2006.

His novels include Quintesse (1982) and Mere Mortals (1989) which was shortlisted for the Hughes & Hughes Fiction Prize.

His most acclaimed book of literary biography is the study Francis Stuart: Artist and Outcast (2007).

He has also had plays broadcast on RTE Radio including Multiple Indiscretions (1997) and Children of No Importance (2000).

A children’s writer he is currently writing a series for young people. The first was A Horse Called El Dorado (2005).

He lives in Dublin.