Fast Forward

John Hughes

About the book…

Consolidating and deepening the achievement of his first three collections, Fast Forward sees Hughes exploring with his customary laconic wit, the gaps between the outer public reality and the inner, somewhat darker, psychic reality lit up by flares of the imagination. 

The collection's psychic landscape is, at once, reassuringly familiar and yet disturbingly off-kilter, a place where anything can happen. Violence, perversion and sick humour underscore the world of Fast Forward. 

In an age when poetry seems determined to bring back only the good news, Hughes brings back bulletins from our less spoken-of outposts. His emotional fearlessness is at once intimidating and challenging.

Photo of the author, John Hughes

About the author…

John Hughes was born in 1962 in Belfast where he studied English and Scholastic Philosophy at Queen’s University.

He was editor of the influential North magazine and he has published four collections of poetry: The Something in Particular (1986), Negotiations with the Chill Wind (1991), The Devil Himself (1996) and Fast Forward (2003).

He lives in Co Donegal where he works as a teacher.