Three Monologues

Jennifer Johnston

About the book…

Collected for the first time in print, these monologues represent one of the many dimensions of the talent of Jennifer Johnston, one of Ireland's most important writers since the war.Revolving round the griefs and traumas caused by the troubles in the north of Ireland, they are an exploration of individual survivals in the midst of the disintegration of life and lives. Twinkletoes is the story of Karen, a top IRA prisoner's wife; looked up to by her community, she cannot express her loneliness. Mustn't Forget High Noon introduces Billy Maltseed, a border Protestant, who has just lost his best friend, a UDR part-timer, shot by the IRA. In Christine, Billy's southern Irish wife mourns his death by violence which leaves her alone and childless in a community riven by suspicion.These monologues-by turns comic and intensely moving-together reclaim the individual voice in the face of stereotypes, expressing most vividly the human beneath the inhuman and the headlines.

Photo of the author, Jennifer Johnston

About the author…

Jennifer Johnston's works include The Captains and the Kings (1972), How Many Miles to Babylon (1974), Shadows on Our Skin (1977), The Christmas Tree (1981), The Railway Station Man (1984), Fool's Sanctuary (1987) The Invisible Worm (1991) and The Illusionist (1995). 

Her most recent novel is This Is Not A Novel (2002).