Heather Richardson

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1631. Germany.

As the Thirty Years War rages across central Europe, the Protestant denizens of Magdeburg are holding out against the armies of the Catholic Emperor Ferdinand.

Sweeping in its scope and ambition, Heather Richardson's debut novel tells the intertwining and conflicting stories of the Henning family, their friends, their associates and their enemies.

Whilst the family printing business is prospering, Christa Henning is troubled. Her brother Dieter is more restless than usual and her friend Gertrude has been rushed into a loveless marriage. She also has the care of her strange little sister, Elsbeth.

As the endless war of religion tightens its grip remorselessly around the city, old loyalties and old certainties are placed into question and, following the sacking of the town, Christa finds her life shattered beyond recognition. From the chaos and deadly enmity of sectarian strife, she slowly rebuilds a life in the city she loves.

Vibrant and convincingly told, Magdeburg is a gripping novel striking its contemporary resonances and its ability to portray complex truths about belief, family, belonging and war. 

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About the author…