Splint & Other Poems (paperback)

Adrian Fox

About the book…

Imbued with the virtues of confessional poets such as Robert Lowell, Raymond Carver and James Simmons, Adrian Fox writes poems painful yet liberating in their candour. 

They represent both engagements with, and challenges to, his reader. Centring on his devastating stroke while still in his forties and his painful inching towards some form of recovery, the poems in this collection triumphantly celebrate the power of the imagination in overcoming pain, desolation and profound despair. 

Yet Splint & Other Poems sees the poet refusing to be defined solely by a random twist of fate. Lyrics about childhood, belonging, the legacy of the troubles, marriage, as well as ruminations on poetry and art take part in a dialogue to produce a collection satisfying in its depth.

Photo of the author, Adrian Fox

About the author…

Adrian Fox was born in Kent in 1961. His family moved to Belfast in 1967 and Adrian was raised in the Ardoyne district of the city.

After studying writing poetry under his mentor, James Simmons, he gained an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. His work has been translated into Hungarian, Arabic and Filipino.

A selection of his work appeared in the anthology Breaking the Skin (2002) and a pamphlet Hide Dada Hide (1999), He also appeared in Lagan Press’ Poetry Introductions 1 (2004) A singer-songwriter as well as poet, he produced the CD Violets with folk artist Rodney Cordner in memory of those who lost their lives in the troubles.

While a major stroke has affected his speech and movement, Adrian still teaches creative writing and run his own online tutorial service. He lives in Craigavon, Co. Armagh.