Poetry Collective Word of Mouth

Founded in 1991, The Word Of Mouth Poetry collective was a way for women poets to come together to read poetry and have critical commentary. Since then the group has met monthly in the Linen Hall’s Governors’ Room. The group were strongly in favour of poetry for everyone who was interested, and some of the collective were involved in teaching community writing classes.

In 1996 their first anthology, Word of Mouth was published by Blackstaff. Since then, over a dozen single collections have demonstrated the individual voices of various members of the group. The group have read collectively and individually in Dublin, London, Derry, Kilcar, Ballycastle, Preston, Sligo, Skerries, Omagh, St Petersburg, London, Belfast and Newcastle in County Down. From time to time they have run workshops, readings, talks, even poetry parties, to encourage emerging poets and advance the appreciation of poetry across communities throughout Ireland.

Since November 2013, in partnership with the Linen Hall Library, the collective have hosted the 'Of Mouth' lunchtime readings showcasing both established and up-and-coming local poets who gather and read selections of their work.