Padraig O'Snodaigh

Pádraig Ó Snodaigh was born in Carlow in 1935. An activist for the Irish Language, he is a poet, writer and publisher.

He was assistant keeper of the National Museum from 1963-88, and President of the Gaelic League from 1974-78.

He has published scholarly works such as Two Godfathers of Revisionism (1991), Hidden Ulster: Protestants & the Irish Language (1998); and The Irish Volunteers, 1715-1793 (1995); a novel, Ó Pharnell go Queenie (1991); and poetry collections, including Cumba agus Cumann (1985); and Cúl le Cúl (1988).

He is founder and editor of Coscéim, which has been a seminal influence in Irish language publishing since the 1980s.

He lives in Dublin.